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Peter Diamandis
Maria Popova: Brain Pickings

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The Future Is Faster Than You Think
by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler

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Why We Aren’t Taxing the Very Rich20 Feb
      The Only Thing Stopping Us From Taxing the Rich Is Political Will: Meet Gabriel Zucman, the rock star economist behind the wealth tax.
NPR’s Egregious Sanders Take-down20 Feb
      Truthdig fact checks two chatty NPR bloviators who overstate the case against Bernie.
Diamandis: Education at all ages8 Mar
      Today, over 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone with access to the world’s information and near-limitless learning resources. Yet nearly 36 million adults in the U.S. are constrained by low literacy skills, excluding them from pro
Maria Popova on her new book Figuring8 Mar
      Figuring explores the complexities, varieties, and contradictions of love, and the human search for truth, meaning, and transcendence, through the interwoven lives of several historical figures across four centuries
Kurzweil on nanobots5 Feb
      The most important application of the medical nanorobots is that we will connect the top layers of our neocortex to synthetic neocortex in the cloud.
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