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Important Books

In this list, you'll find quotations from important books we read, along with our thoughts about their place in our ongoing mission.

Tim O’Reilly’s WTF: What's the Future?

“Prosperity in human societies is best understood as the accumulation of solutions to human problems. We won't run out of work until we run out of problems.” – Nick Hanauer

Rutger Bregman’s Utopia for Realists

“Productivity is for robots. Humans excel at wasting time, experimenting, playing, creating, and exploring.” – Kevin Kelly

Mike Berners-Lee’s There Is No Planet B

“...a lively and cogent assessment of what is happening to the Earth's biosphere and resources ... All citizens should be grateful for this information-packed and wide-ranging primer” – Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near

“Most long-range forecasts of what is technically feasible in future time periods dramatically underestimate the power of future developments because they are based on what I call the 'intuitive linear' view. My models show that we are doubling the paradigm-shift rate every decade... Thus the twentieth century was gradually speeding up to today's rate of progress; its achievements, therefore, were equivalent to about twenty years of progress at the rate in 2000. We'll make another twenty years of progress in just fourteen years (by 2014) and then do the same again in only seven years. To express this another way, we won't experience one hundred years of technological advance in the twenty-first century; we will witness on the order of of twenty thousand years of progress (again, when measured by today's [2005] rate of progress, or about one thousand times greater than what we achieved in the twentieth century.”– Ray Kurzweil