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What if...19 Mar
      If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us, that there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work… (thank you, Sienna)
America needs a miracle31 Jan
      2 books, Klein’s Why We’re Polarized, Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement: “Klein is trying to explain why polarization fucks everything up, Caldwell is intent on telling us how this state of affairs came to be ”
Who counts? The Most Important Question16 Sep
      We USers have little confidence that One person One vote is what's happening. We need to get to work on this (but we Californians less than most. Tell your out-of-state friends to get on it, and askHow can we help?
The Summer of Chaos and God6 Sep
      Another think piece about how the progressives have surrendered religion to the right, who are using it to blow everything up.
From Progressive Neoliberalism to Trump17 Jul
      A thoughtful piece about the loss of democracy, the rise of fascism, and “metastasization of finance; the proliferation of precarious service-sector McJobs; ballooning consumer debt to enable the purchase of cheap stuff...
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