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bullet Earth Climate Scientists: Collapse of civilisation most likely outcome
The world’s most eminent climate scientists and biologists believe we’re headed for the collapse of civilisation, and it may already be too late to change course.
bullet Earth Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger . . .
. . . multiple tipping points: Science article (abstract and map; subscription required for full article.)
bullet Earth Kelp Deforestation: a Climate Change Issue
Extreme climatic events have recently impacted marine ecosystems around the world, including foundation species such as corals and kelps. Here, we describe the rapid climate-driven catastrophic shift in 2014 from a previously robust kelp forest to unproductive large scale urchin barrens in northern California.
bullet Earth Rangeland Management Practices to Improve Soil
We found that the presence of oaks had the largest effects on soil properties, with soil organic carbon, microbial biomass and other measures of soil fertility increasing beneath oak canopies. The presence of grazing increased compaction and total nitrogen, and decreased pH.
bullet Earth UN Secretary-General speaks on the state of the planet
“Making peace with Nature is the defining task of the 21st Century*”
bullet Earth US Geological Survey LATEST EARTHQUAKES
A map showing earthquakes and their intensity in real time
bullet Earth Could We Pay Back The Earth For What It Provides?
A New Report Offers A Roadmap: nature as a financial asset that provides humanity with food, water, shelter and “spiritual fulfillment.”
bullet Earth Healing a Redwood Forest
Emergent crowns and light-use complementarity lead to global maximum biomass and leaf area in Sequoia sempervirens forests
bullet Earth ProPublica Climate Migration
County-bycounty review of the changes to be expected with climate change.
bullet Earth The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth
Even “sustainable” technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines face unbreachable physical limits and exact grave environmental costs - June 2021 Scientific American
bullet Earth UNEP Emission Gap Report
With climate change intensifying and scientists warning that humanity is running out of time to limit global warming to 1.5°C over pre-industrial levels, 2021 has been a fraught year for the planet. nDownload the full report.
bullet Earth Vertebrates on the brink: 6th Mass Extinction
The ongoing sixth mass extinction may be the most serious environmental threat to the persistence of civilization, because it is irreversible. Thousands of populations of critically endangered vertebrate animal species have been lost in a century, indicating that the sixth mass extinction is human caused and accelerating.


bullet Earth AirNow: Air Quality by location
produced by EPA in cooperation with local and state agencies.
bullet Earth Fossil Fuels and the American Way of Death
Our country’s fixation on fossil fuels is killing us in new ways every day- and it’s up to us to stall it.
bullet Earth NOAA Eureka experimental smoke prediction
Forecasts smoke levels for the next day or two, both at the surface and aloft.
bullet Earth Parts of Earth Too Hot for People
“If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, land temperatures will rise so substantially that large areas of Earth will become inhabitable. That’s according to new research by an international team of scientists, published May 26, 2020, in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”
bullet Earth Proforestation: Nature’s Climate Solution
The growing consensus of scientific findings is that, to effectively mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, we must ... also substantially increase protection of our native forests in order to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere and store more, not less, carbon in our forests.
bullet Earth Why Keeping Mature Forests Intact Is Key to the Climate Fight
Natural solutions to climate change: “proforestation” — leaving older and middle-aged forests intact because of their superior carbon-sequestration abilities.
bullet Earth Climate Change is Threatening Air Quality Across the Country
Hotter summers come with an increase in “stagnation events”—stationary domes of hot air that can cause air pollutants to get trapped and persist in the lower atmosphere. Climate Central found a positive correlation between summer maximum temperatures and the number of summer stagnant days in 98% of the contiguous U.S. cities analyzed.
bullet Earth Fossil Fuels and the American Way of Death
Our country’s fixation on fossil fuels is killing us in new ways every day- and it’s up to us to stall it.
bullet Earth NOAA Eureka experimental smoke prediction
bullet Earth Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good
Intact forests—largely free from human intervention except primarily for trails and hazard removals—are the most carbon-dense and biodiverse terrestrial ecosystems, with additional benefits to society and the economy.
bullet Earth Understanding the term and the importance of Proforestation
Protecting and stewarding intact diverse forests and practicing proforestation as a purposeful public policy on a large scale is a highly effective strategy for mitigating the dual crises in climate and biodiversity


bullet Earth Caspar Community Global Wierding page
A collection made over several drought years: information about water conservation.
bullet Earth Corzilius Water & Energy Links
Relevant Mendocino County papers on water and energy assembled and curated by Brian Corzilius.
bullet Earth North Coast Resource Partnership
The North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) is a long term, innovative and successful collaboration among Northern California Tribes, counties, and diverse stakeholders. The NCRP region covers over 19,000 square miles – 12% of the California landscape – and includes the Tribal lands and the counties of Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, Mendocino and Sonoma.
bullet Earth Coastal Commission Sea Level Rise Science
and Consequences
bullet Earth NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer
adjust for your predicted rise and zoom in on your once-favorite beach (or Florida)


bullet Earth CalFire Incident Map
Official summaries of current wildfire incidents in California
bullet Earth Inequities and Incompetence: PG&E's middle name
A very superficial treatment of how badly we are served by our electric utility
bullet Earth SDSC WIFIRE wildfire visualization tool
bullet Earth Evacuation GO List
What to pack if you have to leave home in a hurry
bullet Earth Paradise Fire One Year Later
bullet Earth Shale Gas and Other Unconventional Sources of Natural Gas
Union of Concerned Scientists assessment of the fracking-yielded natural gas.
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bullet Earth 2021 California Climate Adaptation Strategy
Click on “Draft Strategy for Public Comment” below to access the draft, learn how to send comments, and check out opportunities to share feedback in regional workshops and tribal listening sessions. Comments are due November 17 - we look forward to hearing from you!
bullet Earth Brown Act Essentials (video)
Excellent free overview of Brown act responsibilities: a prerequisite for anyone participating in official California government organizations
bullet Earth California 30x30 Plan
Accelerating Conservation of California’s Nature
bullet Earth Chico Green New Deal
“A bold vision for the future of our communities and our world. The ultimate goal? Mitigate climate change, preserve our environment, adapt to the nature of a changing climate and the threats that come along with it, and nurture a better, more just, and greener economy for all.”
bullet Earth HR 109: The Green New Deal bill
“Whereas, because the United States has historically been responsible for a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions, having emitted 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions through 2014, and has a high technological capacity, the United States must take a leading role in reducing emissions through economic transformation...”
bullet Earth Jackson Demonstration State Forest Town Hall answers
What appears to be a greenwashing of 1950s research and practices to justify continued logging without addressing wildfire risks. Claims loss of carbon sequestration will be recouped 'in about 15 years' -- how does that fit California's 30x30 effort?
bullet Earth Marin County Climate Action Plan: “Climate & Adaptation”
bullet Earth Regional Transportation Plan – 2022 Update
MCOG is updating the Mendocino County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and would like to hear from members of the community about transportation needs, deficiencies, and mobility barriers/challenges.
bullet Earth Sonoma County’s GHG Reduction Plan
Climate Action Plan focused on reducing greenhouse gases
bullet Earth Biden’s Plan for Environmental Justice in a Clean Energy Future
bullet Earth Building a Resilient California
A Planning Guidebook: “ By taking proactive steps now and integrating the impacts of a changing climate, California can minimize future disruption by enabling communities, infrastructure, and natural systems to withstand, respond, and adjust to changing average conditions and extreme events.”
bullet Earth California Strategic Growth Council
“By supporting the development of climate-smart communities and advancing research to enhance the State’s climate work, the SGC is blazing the path towards a cleaner and greener California...”
bullet Earth Fort Bragg Climate Action Plan Draft 2012
ten years old!
bullet Earth Humboldt County’s Climate Action Plan
bullet Earth Jackson DSF rationale
a self-serving and questionable document. Retired JAG members assert that the research being conducted is old school, and doesn't recognize soil-based or short-term carbon sequestration issues, or clearance of ladder fuels to improve forest safety.
bullet Earth Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
the five district supervisors
bullet Earth Sonoma County Climate Emergency Declaration
bullet Earth Sonoma Regional Climate Action Plan
Climate Action 2020 and Beyond builds on prior commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a community-wide climate action plan (CAP) for all communities in Sonoma County.


bullet Earth Harris & Associates Resiliency Blog
An ever-changing selection of short posts about relevant projects and concerns
bullet Earth Obama White House Climate Preparedness
Recommendations to President Obama for Resiliency and Climate Preparedness: “Recognizing that climate change will affect virtually all aspects of the Nation’s future, the Task Force focused on opportunities to build climate preparedness and resilience in key domains, including disaster recovery, infrastructure investment, natural resource management, human health, community development, and agriculture.”
bullet Earth Resource Guide for Wildfire Information
Mendocino Voice (our local online news source) has accumulated a useful collection of advice and links for wildfire survival.
bullet Earth Hubs and Routes
“Community Resource Hubs and Alternate Rescue Routes Throughout Mendocino Coast Health Care District: A set of tools for supporting each other and our leaders through challenging times.”
bullet Earth Resilience.org
“Building a world of resilient communities ... Insight and inspiration for turbulent times”
bullet Earth U. S. Climate Resilience Toolkit
A “framework to discover and document climate hazards, then develop workable solutions to lower climate-related risks.”


bullet Earth California Adaptation Clearinghouse
A “selection of publically available decision-support tools, datasets, and other research products relevant for California planners and decision-makers.”
bullet Earth Emergency Library
A strange collection of documents and books
bullet Earth J P Morgan 12th Annual Energy Report
An honest global view of energy . . . and it isn't hopeful.
bullet Earth Sierra Club’s Climate Protectors
A climate protector is someone who takes the climate crisis seriously enough to
•Learn the science of climate change so that our actions are based upon a solid factual foundation
•Take steps in our own lives to minimize our contributions to global warming
•Work with others locally and beyond on meaningful actions to address climate change
bullet Earth CivicSpark Americorp Program
“Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program that is dedicated to building capacity for local governments to address emerging environmental and social equity resilience challenges such as climate change, water resource management, affordable housing, and mobility.”
bullet Earth Institute for Sustainable Communities
“The United States is the largest economy in the world and the biggest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases – which in-turn drives climate change. Since 2008, ISC has been working with municipal and community leaders, companies, and nonprofits to accelerate climate and sustainability solutions for counties, urban regions, cities, and neighborhoods – with a particular focus on the most vulnerable communities and populations.”
bullet Earth Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene
56 page Rockefeller Foundation PDF with magnificent graphics outlining the steps needed to assure global health and wellbeing.


bullet Earth Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA)
“Network of leading regional collaboratives and allies from across California that work together to advance adaptation statewide and increase local capacity to build community resilience. Through ARCCA, adaptation practitioners connect with peers across the state to exchange knowledge, engage in targeted problem-solving, and implement joint campaigns, effectively breaking down silos across sectors and jurisdictions.”
bullet Earth Caspar Institute
websites and backend data management
bullet Earth Baseline tree coverage analysis tool
Estimate tree cover and tree benefits for a given area with a random sampling process that lets you easily classify ground cover types.
bullet Earth Ethelo: Break-Through Approach to Group Decisions
A tool for establishing buy-in and teasing out consensus on difficult or divisive decisions.
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