Headlands University is an invitation for collaboration by a community of explorers focused on the current worldwide transformation of culture and consciousness. This transformation is occurring at an exponential rate. The biological and technological phenomenon of exponential growth can lead to either breakout or collapse. These outcomes are being profoundly and rapidly influenced by culture and consciousness. Headlands University is committed to the continued and sustainable inclusion of humans within the integrity of our regenerative home– planet earth. In short, we support the evolutionary breakout of a new culture stage and the prevention of ecological and social collapse.

Headlands University is a kind of 'schoolhouse in the cloud'. In a 50 year long series of differently designed learning and exploratory environments, HU's founders have created and directed 14 collaborative schools, each meant to serve unique and particular groups of students and scholars working with different and evolving aspects of culture and consciousness. This is the latest experiment!

Headlands University is a curated constellation of original writings, talks, videos, music, and graphic displays. It provides links to an ever expanding library of information pertaining to the evolution of culture and consciousness. Change is now everywhere, and all the time. Multiple culture stages exist worldwide and are coexisting precariously. Anyone with a networked phone is able to watch, evaluate, and contribute to the HU constellation. Curation and display of these 'galleries' in freely accessible network information space expresses a currently expanding new kind of “schooling”. At the same time, HU conserves and honors the long tradition of the university as a universitas magistrorum et scholarium - a community of scholars and teachers organized for higher education and research.